7 Lifestyle Changes 💡 to Help You save More 💰 and Spend Less 💸 ...


How many times have we reminded ourselves that we ought to save more and spend less because we never know what will happen next? And yet, we fall into this vicious cycle of doing what we don't want to do because it is convenient to do so. Practicing a frugal lifestyle can be challenging but it need not be difficult. Here are seven lifestyle changes you can employ to save more and spend less:

1. Maximize Those Coupons

You're online most of the time, right? Why not take advantage of those coupons to save on groceries? A dollar discount for a loaf of bread, 75 cents off for a gallon of milk... they all add up to the kitty. Before you know it, you're able to save $12. That may not be a significant amount that one time but when you do your addition and multiplication diligently, you'll know that that amount can actually grow over time.

Cook at Home
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