9 Little Tricks That Will Make You Look Wealthier ...

Would you like to look a lot wealthier than you are? Surprisingly, many rich people actually avoid ostentatious displays of their wealth; instead, you can tell they have money through small details. So how can you give the impression of being wealthier? Try these little tricks that will make you look wealthier …

1. Buy Second Hand

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Expensive garments may seem out of reach. But you don't need to pay full price; look for pricy labels in resale shops or online second-hand sites. If you spend your money on quality garments instead of high street labels, your wardrobe will look a lot more expensive.

2. Be Well Groomed

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Wealthy people may not dress ostentatiously, but they are always well groomed. Scuffs on your shoes or messy hair won't give a good impression. Pay attention to details, and make sure your shoes, nails and hair are smart. Also check there are no loose threads or buttons on your clothes.

3. Tailoring Your Clothes

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Another trick that will make your clothes seem more expensive is to have them tailored to fit. People with money often have their clothes altered so that the fit is right. Even a cheaper garment can look expensive if it fits you well. And it isn't as expensive as you might think.

4. Hire a Car

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Are you going to a special event and worried your old car will look out of place? Consider hiring a posh car for the occasion. If you only use your car occasionally, it may be surprisingly economical to hire a more expensive model when you need a car, rather than paying for a cheaper car all year round.

5. Standby Tickets

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Do you have a world-class opera or theater near you? Look for standby tickets; these can be very cheap. You may end up sitting next to someone who paid a lot more than you! Get dressed up and you'll feel like a very wealthy person indeed.

6. Decanting Products

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When you're gifted an expensive beauty product in a glass bottle, don't throw the bottle away. Wash it out, and decant a cheaper product into it. When you use it, you'll feel as though you're using a pricier product; after all, the packaging is designed to look luxurious.

7. Subtle Accessories

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Wealthy people tend not to be flashy, but opt for discreet displays of their wealth. Their watch and jewellery will be very subtle. Keep your accessories low-key, rather than wearing lots of bling.

8. Wear Classics

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Rather than wearing trends, choose classic styles of clothing instead. These will look less dated than trends will, and are also much more versatile. It's worth investing in a quality garment you'll wear a lot, but even cheaper garments can look good in the right style.

9. Set Your Table

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If you're entertaining at home, set your table with cloth napkins and your best glasses and plates (borrow your mom's if you don't have any!). And set your table on ordinary days too; it both looks and feels nice.

You don't have to try to impress anyone, and trying to show off just makes you look crass. But it's nice to dream of a better lifestyle, and to feel a bit wealthier every now and then! And there's nothing wrong with making the best of yourself. If you were given $10,000 to blow on one thing, how would you spend it?

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