5 Nightmare 😱 Jobs Someone Has to do ...


Have you ever thought about the nightmare jobs someone has to do? It’s everyone’s wish to land their dream job, that great gig with the sensational salary, excellent pension and fabulous fringe benefits. But for every dream job, there’s the nightmare one – the one where horror, despair and boredom mingle in equal measure to suck the soul from the worker unlucky enough to have been employed to do it.

So what are the worst jobs around? Here are 5 nightmare jobs someone has to do.

1. Animal Sperm Collector

It is, as they say, a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. Just thank the heavens above that it isn’t you. Helping to arouse and then bring to fulfillment prize bulls, horses and dogs etc. probably isn’t high on anyone’s career wish list. It’s certainly a conversation stopper when making small talk at a party. Now, wash your hands. This is one of the worst nightmare jobs someone has to do.

Sewer Unblocker
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