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7 Reasons to Start Saving Money Today ...

By Artti

A lot of the times it feels like money goes faster than it comes and that’s why it’s important to know the reasons to start saving today. When you don’t think you have anything to save for or you don’t really understand the value of a dollar, it’s easy to spend your money. In fact, it’s fun to spend money. But too much of a good thing is bad, so here are a few reasons to start saving today.

1 In the Red

One of the most important reasons to start saving today, if not the most important reason, is to avoid debt. Essentially, if you’re not saving money, you’re spending it. The more you spend, especially if it’s more than you make, the higher the chances are you will fall into debt. Worst of all, it’s easy to get into debt but difficult to get out of it.

2 You’re Richer than You Think

Honestly, all of us could afford a Prada purse. Maybe it wouldn’t be the wisest financial choice for most of us, but the point is that we can. But, our spending habits hold us back. Trust me, the money is there but we waste it away daily, from unnecessarily large cable bills to daily coffees at a local cafe. On the other hand, if you save your dimes and pennies you too could tote a Prada purse, get those braces you’ve always wanted, renovate your kitchen, or whatever it is that you want.

3 Emergencies

Nothing is worse than not being able to afford something you need. And I don’t mean not being able to buy groceries with cash next week, I mean paying for a fender bender, or a large, unexpected medical bill. How awful is it to put a large expense on credit? If anything, it’s the fastest way to get yourself into debt. It’s hard to save for emergencies since they are unforetold, but to put it in perspective, it’s better to have the money and not need it rather than to need the money and not have it. If you're lucky you might never need to dip into that emergency fund, but you’ll still have that same money set aside for retirement or investments.

4 Retirement

Speaking of retirement, it is vital that you save up for it. Even if you can only afford to put in $20 a month, it’s still better than $0 a month (by the way, like I said earlier, the money is there, you just need to reevaluate your spending to find it). Regardless if your work has a pension plan set up for you or if your government has social security, it’s a dangerous life to live when you don’t save up for your own retirement. After the recession many companies have made it harder to qualify for pension plans. In addition, many governments around the world are in no position or won’t be in any position soon to offer social security that is large enough to sustain you throughout the last 20-40 years of your life.

5 Fun Money

Forget retirement and emergency funds. What about some fun? Well, that is costly too. Even small, short term happiness like going to dinner with some girlfriends is expensive. Unfortunately, you can’t have champagne tastes with a beer budget. Be realistic with yourself and see how much you really can afford on dining out and going to the mall. Also, try to delay your immediate gratification by reducing your spending on small things so you can spend your money on really satisfying things, such as vacations (and Prada purses).

6 Upgrade Yo Style, Gurl

There comes a time in our lives when we all need to grow up and move up. It can be anything from moving out to buying a new car, but both of these are no small expense. Having the money available when you need to move out or upgrade your car is satisfying and comforting, but most of all it’s convenient to have the available funds when you really need them.

7 Be Generous

Let's give a shout out to all the hard working, loving, and stand up moms and dads out there! What better way to say “thanks man, I think you’re the coolest,” than by hooking them up with a sweet vacation or helping them retire early? Or taking your best friend from childhood on the birthday extravaganza she deserves? Being rich is more fun when you have people to share it with.

There are a ton of reasons to save your money but try to think of the reasons that are the best for you. The easiest way to save money is when you have a reason to do so. What are some other reasons to save money?

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