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You have surely heard the saying “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”? At least that’s what we say in the UK. I’m sure there’s an equivalent in the US and plenty of other countries too. And that’s reason number one why every day, you should empty your loose change into a jar (other containers are acceptable!). Here are more reasons:

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A Jar for Gifts for Each Other

Among the many reasons to have a change jar are those that relate to saving money for gifts. Collecting small fry eventually ends up to a full meal: if you and your partner empty accumulated small coins from wallets and purses into a jar at the end of every week, then you can split the hoard into two halves at the end of the year and use it to buy Christmas gifts for each other. Stick to a strict budget of half the hoard; that way you'll have to be more creative if you wish to please your other half.


A Jar for Vacations

OK, so your change jar may not get you to the Seychelles and back, but it can potentially pay for a camping vacation in a National Park or a BFF weekend away at a stylish hotel and spa.


A Jar for Rainy Days

One of the most important reasons for having a change jar is to create a rainy day fund that will help you out in a financial crisis. It can pay for emergency repairs after a storm, an overnight stay in a hotel after a burst pipe in winter or simply gas for your car, when your bank account is empty and payday is a long way off.


A Jar for Treats

Yes, it is so much easier to stick what you want on a credit card but that costs you money. Instead, use your change jar to save up for something you want. It’s great financial discipline and whatever you spend it on feels like a guilt-free treat.


A Change Jar is an Instant Gift

Find an interesting or decorative jar, put some coins from your purse into it and you have an instant gift for friends and relatives who need coins for laundry machines, drink machines at work or parking meters outside your house.


A Jar to Put Smiles on Faces

Start a change jar for charity donations or to put a smile on the faces of trick 'n' treat Halloween kids knocking at your door. Stop potential tricksters with coinage and kindness, when filling their sweetie buckets!


An Educational Jar for the Kiddos

Saving pocket money for something worthwhile rather than frittering it away on sweets is a valuable lesson in financial prudence. Start a change jar into which every member of the family contributes their loose change and your kids, nieces or nephews will be able to see, when the jar's contents is counted, how quickly small savings add up. Follow up with a competition, where everyone has their own jar. Who can save the most in a limited period of time and become Saver of the Year?


A Jar for Guessing Games

Ask regular visitors to your house to guess how much money is in your change jar. Make a note of the person's guess. Explain your reasons for having a change jar when they give you their estimate. At the end of a fixed period, count the coins in the jar and announce the winner at a frugal little picnic or tea party (paid for with some of your jar's contents). Hand out a small prize to the person whose guess came closest. You could start a savings-trend among friends or simply use the jar guessing game as an ice-breaker at awkward family get-togethers.

I use a giant whiskey bottle as my change jar. It’s so exciting when it’s emptying time ‘cos it’s usually a nice hoard. Have you got a change jar? And what do you use it for?

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This Is Awesome I Will Be Working On This With My Family Very Smart & Fun Way To Save .

Such a grear idea ❤️ this was actually something i was thinking about a few hours ago

When my boy was young we used the money each year towards his birthday. He was allowed to choose to

Such a simple idea, but brilliant!

My son decided to try the first idea. He and his sister will split the jar when it's full.

That's a wicked idea! Totally gonna start one


And, well done, Neecey!

We have a change jar that we use to buy things that we unexpectedly run out of.

My S.O. gives me all his spare change and I put it in the bank to save up for bills and holidays.

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