7 Simple Lessons about Money You Learn from Monopoly ...


Did you ever think that when you roll those dice and move your piece around the properties, there are some simple lessons about money you learn from Monopoly? It is so much more than a simple board game when you analyse the strategies and processes required to win. Sure it’s competitive and fun, but the next time you play you might want to think on these simple lessons about money you learn while playing Monopoly.

1. Avoid Debt at All Costs

One of the simple lessons about money that Monopoly has definitely taught generations of kids is that you should avoid debt at all costs. While mortgaging your properties (in the game) might seem like a good idea, you soon learn that in the long-term, you end up losing out on lots of cash when your fellow players land on said properties. This is transferred to real-life: while the short-term gains might be a nice addition to your wage slip, we all know that it’ll come back to bite you in the end. Even if you learn nothing else from playing board games, you’ll have done well by learning this one!

Negotiate Wisely
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