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7 Stupid Things You Spend Money on ...

By Valencia

There are undoubtedly plenty of stupid things you spend money on, whether you realize it or not. Getting a firm grip on your personal finances involves smart money decisions. Unfortunately, if you spend money on any and everything, there isn't likely to be enough for savings. If you're tired of being broke and need a different approach, here are seven stupid things you spend money on.

1 Appetizers at Restaurants

Appetizers at restaurants are one of many stupid things you spend money on. The truth is, most appetizers are the same size and price as a full entrée. Therefore, unless you're sharing with the table, there’s really no reason to buy an appetizer and an entrée. You’ll end up spending more, and you'll probably be satisfied before your entrée arrives.

2 Faster Shipping Fees

Do you really need to get an item overnight or within two days? If so, paying extra for speedy shipping makes sense. But if there's no rush, standard shipping is cheaper and it typically doesn't take the 7 to 10 days that many retailers claim. There have been plenty of times when I've requested standard shipping, yet received the item in about two days.

3 Unused Gym Memberships

Going to the gym is an excellent way to lose weight and get in shape. But a gym membership is only useful if you actually use the membership. It doesn't make sense to pay $29 a month and only use your membership once or twice a month. In this case, you're better off working out at home or jogging around your neighborhood. It's a savings of nearly $300 a year.

4 Popcorn and Candy at the Movies

I know, it's the experience that matters. But paying $3 for a box of candy that costs $.50 or a $1 at another retail store doesn't make sense, nor does it make sense to pay a ton of money for stale, cold popcorn. Do yourself a favor and eat before heading to the movies or bring your own snacks, if the theater permits, of course.

5 Premium Cable

The cost of cable has gone up in recent years. Ask yourself: do I really need all of these stations? It’s nice to have options when you're ready to sit back and watch a movie, but if you're not using the majority of the stations, or if you really don't have time to watch TV, scaling back on your number of stations can save money each month.

6 Daily Coffee

It might be quicker and more convenient to pick up coffee on your way to work, but if you're paying $2 and $3 a day for a cup of Joe, you can waste up to $60 a month. There is a better way, and it involves investing in your own coffee maker and buying a bag of coffee from the grocery store. You'll save tremendously in the long run, plus you can go back for seconds.

7 Lottery Tickets

Be honest with yourself. The truth is, you're not likely to hit the big jackpot. So why waste money buying lottery tickets each week? Even if you don't spend a lot, the cost adds up over time and you can put the money to better use.

Each day, the majority of us make decisions that essentially flush our money down the toilet. This can explain why we live paycheck to paycheck, and why we don't have extra money for fun stuff. But if you learn how to recognize things that drain your finances, you're likely to have more cash in the bank. What other things do we waste money on?

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