5 Things to Understand πŸ’­ before Starting ⏳ a New Business πŸ› ...


I am a sort of person who always think about business ideas and the best way possible to go ahead with them. But it is not as easy as it sounds. I recently graduated and it is my dream to start my own business someday. From my research, I have realised that there are 5 major aspects to starting a business. Yes, generating an idea is the first step but you should know what to do to boost up your thinking process. Here are the 5 steps that can lead you to a great business.

1. Your Passion

Forget the rest of the world for a second and think about what makes you happy. Do you love to shop? You can start a clothing brand! Are you fond of gadgets? Start a retail store! Always baking? What’s better than a cupcake shop? Knowing your passion can lead you to a business idea.

Your Knowledge
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