15 Things You Should Buy from the Dollar Store ...

Believe it or not, you've probably been wasting a lot of money by simply not knowing things to buy from a dollar store instead of your local department or grocery store. A lot of times, people overlook the dollar store thinking that all of the items available are going to be cheap and not as good as brand names. Although this may be true for certain products, it definitely isn't true for all of them! Knowing the right things to buy from a dollar store is a simple and easy way for you to save a ton of money in just one shopping trip!

1. Seasonal Decorations

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First up on things to buy from a dollar store are seasonal decorations! Why are you going to spend 30 to 70 percent more at a party supply or drug store for holiday items that will only be seen once a year? There are tons of cute decorations at the dollar store during the holiday seasons and at only $1 each, you can afford to decorate your whole house! Christmas tree ornaments are also a great thing to get at the $1 store, as they usually have tons in all different colors. They may be a little cheaper in material but if you handle them with care, you can use them every year! Plus, if you don't, then just remind yourself it was only $1.

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