15 Things You Should Buy from the Dollar Store ...


15 Things You Should Buy from the Dollar Store ...
15 Things You Should Buy from the Dollar Store ...

Believe it or not, you've probably been wasting a lot of money by simply not knowing things to buy from a dollar store instead of your local department or grocery store. A lot of times, people overlook the dollar store thinking that all of the items available are going to be cheap and not as good as brand names. Although this may be true for certain products, it definitely isn't true for all of them! Knowing the right things to buy from a dollar store is a simple and easy way for you to save a ton of money in just one shopping trip!

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Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal Decorations First up on things to buy from a dollar store are seasonal decorations! Why are you going to spend 30 to 70 percent more at a party supply or drug store for holiday items that will only be seen once a year? There are tons of cute decorations at the dollar store during the holiday seasons and at only $1 each, you can afford to decorate your whole house! Christmas tree ornaments are also a great thing to get at the $1 store, as they usually have tons in all different colors. They may be a little cheaper in material but if you handle them with care, you can use them every year! Plus, if you don't, then just remind yourself it was only $1.


Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies Did you know that the ingredients in most cleaning products are essentially the same? In fact, you can even look up how to make your own cleaning supplies from scratch! So why are you going to spend extra money for a brand name cleaning product when you can find a cheap generic alternative at the dollar store? Even if the product is slightly diluted and you need to use a bit more, keep in mind that you’re still only spending $1 on each item. That's still a huge savings when you compare it to the cost of a brand name product.


Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards It's ridiculous that nowadays greeting cards from a store can often run you around $5 per card! So instead, why not look through your local dollar store's card selection? Most times they even sell cards as 2 for $1, which is a great deal when compared to the price of one department store greeting card! The quality of the paper used to make these cards may not be premium, but it's your personal message inside that should matter the most anyway! I recommend getting a card with not much typed in it already and then handwriting your own personal message!



Spices If you're looking for an uncommon spice, chances are, the dollar store won't be the place to find it. However, paying a dollar for large containers of basic kitchen spices such as cinnamon, parsley, basil, chili powder, and pepper is a great deal! Sometimes they may be a little dated, which will affect their freshness, but just use a little extra to make up for it. Salt especially is great to get in a large container at the dollar store so you can stock up.


Preserved Goods

Preserved Goods Usually, the dollar store has great deals on pickles, olives, salsa, and other bottled, tinned, or packaged, long-lasting items. Just make sure to check the expiration date, although most of these items usually last a long time. Some dollar stores even carry perishables such as produce, dairy, and meat products. Be aware that many of these kinds of goods will be close to their expiration dates, but if you plan to eat something on the day of purchase then go for it!



Socks Consider how quickly your socks wear out or get lost. So why should you be willing to spend anywhere from $7 to $11 on a pack of socks when the dollar store sells packs of them for $1? They usually have socks for both men and women with a variety of colors and sizes. I personally started buying my socks from the dollar store because I am constantly losing or ruining my socks. Thus, I feel better when that happens now because I know I only spent a dollar on them. Plus, who is going to know how much you paid for your socks?


Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories Dollar stores usually have a selection of hair elastics, headbands, barrettes, and even combs or brushes. These are products that you can often lose so it's better to only spend a dollar on them. Plus, spending the extra cash to buy these products as a brand name doesn't really offer you any advantage, as they're all usually made out of the same materials. So next time you need more hair accessories, stop by the dollar store before going to Claire's!



Tupperware Buying plastic tupperware at the dollar store will usually save you around 30 percent than buying them from places like Walmart and Target. They can usually be bought in packs as well, which will save you even more cash! Besides food storage containers, the dollar store also has other great food storage solutions. They usually have things such as plastic bins or mason jars that you can use to store other food items in your pantry!


Party Supplies

Party Supplies There's no need to spend a ton of money every time you want to have people over. The dollar store sells packs of cups, plates, and napkins that you can stock up on for your guests! They may also sell some party decorations such as streamers or tablecloths. They sometimes even have balloons that you can buy and some great party favors you can put together.



Glassware Glassware is usually a great deal to buy at the dollar store, especially glass drinkware. If you're just starting out on your own and are tired of sporting the red solo cups, the dollar store is a great place to start buying glassware. They usually have a variety of cups, bowls, and plates that you can pick from to match any kitchen design you have. There's no need to spend the money to splurge on name brand glassware when you're just starting out on your own.


The affordability of dollar store glass items extends to more than just cups and plates. Vases, mason jars, and even decorative glass pieces are often available at a fraction of the cost compared to specialty stores. Not only can these be used for their intended purposes, but they also double as affordable options for DIY projects or home decor. Plus, for those concerned about durability, the quality of these glass items is often comparable to higher-priced alternatives, making them a savvy choice for both budget-conscious and environmentally aware consumers.


Wax Paper, Parchment Paper & Tin Foil

Wax Paper, Parchment Paper & Tin Foil Did you know that wax paper, tin foil and even parchment paper are things that you can buy right at the dollar store? This isn’t something that you should be spending a ton of money on! If you can save money on things like these, why not splurge a little on getting that steak that you want at the store? One thing to remember, you might want to buy a couple of rolls of these things, as they do not have a lot on the rolls, so keep that in mind!


Movie Candy

Movie Candy I don’t know about you, but sneaking movie candy into a theater is a favorite pastime! If you really want to save money and don’t want to pay up to $7.00 for movie candy, why not get your faves at your local dollar store and just bring a big purse to the movies? It’ll save you a ton when it comes to date night!



Tissue Tissue, especially during the cold season, is super easy and good to get when you are at the dollar store! Why pay up for $4.00 on one box of tissue when you get get the exact same tissue at the dollar store? You’ll save a ton of money this fall, trust me.


Kids Toys

Kids Toys While you might not be able to get the best kids toys at the dollar store, there are still a ton of different toys that you’ll be able to get when you are there. You’ll find things like coloring books and even some small little gadgets that kids love to play with!


Clay Flower Pots

Clay Flower Pots Finally, if you’ve been dying to re-pot all of your plants but don’t want to spend a ton of money on plant pots, why not try the dollar store? You can actually do a ton of things with these pots too, which is amazing! You can paint them, you can repurpose them and you can use them for so many different things.

Just because you're buying some of your every day items at a dollar store doesn't mean anyone is even going to notice or judge you. The dollar store is also a great place to find different items that you can use to create some great DIY projects! So next time you're going shopping, don't underestimate the dollar store, it can be a great way to save some money! What do you usually get when you visit the dollar store?

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This was an amazing article. Thank u for writing it! I have shopped at dollar store for many many years and I have some beyond amazing deals there!! Who cares where you buy something? As long as it serves its purpose for what you need it to in every aspect of the word then what's it matter if your spending $1 or $50 on it? Besides since when has saving money been something to be ashamed of?!

Costco is best for spices! Dollar store spices honestly do NOT taste the same and you'll probably use more of them. Costco has very large containers of ORGANIC spices for around $4 :)

Jordin, your so right about the food storage issue. These products have a long shelf life when hand washed, and this past Christmas I picked up lots of red and green to pack home-made gifts in! Much better than spending more to pack the gift than the actual gift costs! Great article!

I love this!

At dollar store they have good deals !!

Brokeee college student over here...love places that always have good prices!

BIG LOTS! The dollar store may be cheap but you can find TONS of name brand items for crazy low prices at Big Lots.

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