7 Things Your Boss Doesn't Need to Know ...


You might have a good relationship with your boss, but there are things your boss doesn't need to know. Nowadays, getting and keeping a job is challenging. Some people feel that they're good workers. And they’re often confused when they receive pink slips while other employees keep their jobs. There are several reasons why one person loses their job while another keeps their's. There's no way to protect your position; but if you keep a few things to yourself, you might reduce your risk of problems with your employer. Here are seven things your boss doesn't need to know.

1. How You Spend Your Free Time

How you spend your free time is your business, thus it’s one of several things your boss doesn't need to know. Even if your employer is cool and down to earth, he or she may not appreciate hearing about questionable weekend escapades. Keep conversations at work professional, and don't reveal too much about how you spend your free time. To stop your boss from secretly checking up on you, check your social media settings to make sure that your name cannot be found in a search.

Spouse’s Income
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