11 Surefire Tips for Acing That Job Interview for Girls on the Hunt ...


11 Surefire Tips for Acing That Job Interview for Girls on the Hunt ...
11 Surefire Tips for Acing That Job Interview for Girls on the Hunt ...

Getting a new job is tough! That means you need some tips for acing a job interview. The process can be intense, scary and overwhelming. If you’re lucky enough to be offered an interview, it’s easy to overlook the basics, even though these can be easy ways to score brownie points with your new potential boss. Here are the best tips for acing a job interview.

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Don’t Sit on Your Phone

It can seem tempting to briefly check Facebook while the interviewer leaves the room, but think about this can make you look. Putting your phone away until the interview is over is one of my best tips for acing a job interview.


Dress Smart

This seems like common sense, but the number of interviews I’ve been too where someone shows up in work out gear is ridiculous. This is your chance to show off your professional side, and remember that first impressions count for a lot!


Body Language

So much of our communication is down to body language; this includes your posture and eye contact. Keep your arms unfolded and shoulders back – this gives a warm, open impression. Make eye contact with your employer, but don’t stare at them. Positive body language can make a huge difference in whether you successfully get the job.


Try and Relax

As hard as it is, you will not perform at your best when you’re panicking. Do thorough research and prep so you have one less thing to worry about. If you’re able to relax, your body language will be much more positive and your answers will be more natural.


Chat with Everyone

In job interviews, you’re often watched from the moment you walk into reception. How you chat with other candidates, the interviewer and even staff can reflect a lot about you. Try and come across as a “people person”, as most employers really value this!


Be Unique

In a group interview, try to answer a group question differently than everyone else. Perhaps wear something unique or colourful. Add some sparkle to your CV. Everyone wants the job – make yourself memorable.


Be Early

Being late to a job interview almost always guarantees you will not get the job. It makes you look sloppy, unorganised and like you don’t even care. Plan your travel and assume you’ll hit bad traffic. It’s always better to be early.


Don’t Be in a Rush to Leave

If you finish answering their questions and sprint out of the door, it reflects poorly on you. Will you do that if they hire you? Is your work ethic poor or did you not plan your time properly? Show your commitment and dedication by not being in a hurry to leave.


Ask Questions

An interview is a two-way conversation; you must win each other over. Come prepared with a list of questions that show your enthusiasm. This is your chance to learn a lot about your new potential job!


Do Your Research

No, you usually won’t need to know when a company was founded. Yes, you should know what the company does and who its main competitors are. You need to be prepared for anything and have some answers memorised for the obvious questions they may throw at you.


Showcase Your Skills

An interview is your chance to show off the skills that will land you the job, and this isn’t just when answering questions. If you need to demonstrate time-keeping, turn up early. If you need to demonstrate leadership, make sure to take the lead in group activities. Think about what skills the employer will value and show them off every chance you get!

These are my tips for acing that job interview. Remember to nail the basics and create a great first impression. Remember, to do your prep and try your best. Good luck!

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