9 Tips for How to Ace an Online Interview ...


9 Tips for How to Ace an Online Interview ...
9 Tips for How to Ace an Online Interview ...

Need some tips for how to ace an online interview? As technology creeps more and more (well okay, sometimes it charges in) into every aspect of our lives, traditional ways of doing things are changing and that includes the recruitment process. The incidence of telephone interviews and online interviews is fast growing and they are particularly prevalent in jobs where you work at home or telecommute. Generally, you need to factor in some physical considerations but when it comes to how to ace an online interview, it’s all about treating it as you would any other interview.

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Make Sure Your Equipment is Working

There is nothing worse than getting prepared for an online interview, only to face technical problems that get in the way of the interview, or worse, make the interview impossible. It seems obvious to say that the key point in how to ace an online interview is to make sure the interview can actually happen. The best way to avoid this is to test the software (try calling a friend or family member) to ensure that the software, your microphone, camera and other important equipment are working ahead of time.


Check Your Background and Surroundings

If you want to ace your online interview, you need to pay attention to the background. The employer will assess what they can see, and though you are obviously the star of the show, your background and your surroundings will still tell them things about you, and this will not go ignored. The easiest approach is to have a blank wall for your background, though you can always add a few nice touches.


Place the Camera in the Right Position

You want to place the camera so that it mimics how you would communicate in a real-life job interview. In other words, try to place the camera directly in front of you, or just off center. Don’t position the camera so it is difficult to see your face, or your face is otherwise not clearly visible.


DON’T Keep Staring at Your Image

Of all the tips on how to ace an online interview, this one is one of the most important to remember. Yes, your reflection is interesting, but you’ve seen it a million times before. You should be looking at the person on the other end of the line, not your makeup or your hair. Check your appearance beforehand. If your own reflection is too much of a distraction, disable it.


How to Act

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, online as much as in person. Here you want to practice your manners and how you behave. To conduct a successful online interview, you should try to be happy, attentive and enthusiastic. Smile frequently, and get engaged in the conversation. Try to gauge the personality of the interviewer and adapt to the situation.


DON’T Be Too Causal

Many jobseekers make the mistake of thinking that because their job interview is online, they can relax and act informally. This is a big error that you should avoid completely. Dress like you would for any other type of interview, and make sure you look presentable. Answer questions politely and do not act too familiarly with the interviewer. You are in comfortable, familiar surroundings, but remember that the occasion is one for formality and formal etiquette.


Ask Questions

One of the other tips on how to ace an interview online is that you should be attentive and enthusiastic, and this is why asking questions is so important – it shows that you are being attentive, and you are fully engaged in the proceedings. Prepare some questions before the interview begins, and think about what questions you can ask during the interview. If you have any longer questions, wait until the end of the interview before you ask them. Make sure you have some general questions lined up; if you don’t then you may come across as inattentive or disinterested.


Make Sure the Audio Quality is Good

Audio quality is perhaps even more important than video quality. The most perfect interview you could possibly imagine is easily ruined by poor audio quality and not being able to understand what each other is saying. Just like the software and other equipment, check the audio quality beforehand and make sure your voice can be heard clearly.


Be Confident

All the general rules of conducting yourself in an interview still apply, even though it is happening online. Remember to still behave exactly how you would in a face to face interview. Pretending the situation is no different to an offline interview will help you navigate the process with confidence.

Have you been through an online interview? How did you get on? Did it feel very different to a face to face interview?

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