7 Tips on How to Write a Job-Winning CV ...


How To Write a CV that will catch reviewer’s attention and get you invited to an interview? Well, if you’ve been asking yourself that question than you’re definitely on the right place because I’m about to share some pretty cool tips on how to write a CV so to-the-point, that it simply can’t go unnoticed! Don’t believe me? Well, here’s how to write a CV that’s all that and perhaps even more:

1. Focus on the Facts

An average reviewer spends less than a minute reading each CV which means you must make every second count. No fluff, things that are irrelevant or any other information that might create a mess! Person in charge of the long and often boring process of selection really doesn’t have time to read your memoires hoping some useful info could be scraped up and will gladly throw all those carefully written pages and pages of text into the NO pile. What can you do to increase your chances of getting that job? Focus on describing job-related skills and knowledge you do posses and leave favorite quotes, hobbies or the list of music instruments you can play for when you get the job. And keep reading, because more important tips on how to write a CV are just a few mouse scrolls away!

Choose Your Words Carefully
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