7 Ways PayPal Can Help You save More Money This Year ...


If you’re looking to save a little money this year, there are some ways PayPal can help you meet that goal. I started using PayPal about three years ago, and just love it. I’ve also saved a good bit of money, all in different ways. PayPal is a website that not only protects your information, but it also links to any bank account or credit card you choose. You can also have your direct deposit set up through PayPal, send money to others, receive money from others, and the best part is, no one ever knows your financial information. Be sure to sign up for a PayPal Master Debit card too. It’s not a credit card, but a 100% free card that links to your PayPal account. You get a lot of perks with the card, and there’s no interest or fees to use it. Other ways PayPal can help you save more money this year are listed below, but let me know if you have any too!

1. No Check Fees

I use my PayPal Master Debit Card for everything, and it’s one of the best ways PayPal can help you save money. By not using checks you can’t bounce anything, never have to worry about it clearing from your bank, and you can put as much money into your PayPal account as you want, from your banking account. This is great if you have a budget for groceries and don’t want to go over when you see all those tempting sales at the store. Just transfer how much you want from your bank account to your PayPal card, and then only use the card to buy your purchases.

Bill Pay
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