7 Ways to Protect Your Expensive Online Purchases ...


It is essential to protect online purchases – especially the expensive ones. More and more of us are turning to websites for our high value items - expensive gadgets, the latest trendy phone, 3D television electronic gizmos or maybe a state of the art tablet. Usually an investment rather than a purchase, you want some surety for their value and expense. Here’s how to protect online purchases.

1. Warranties and Extended Cover

The first and maybe the most obvious way to protect online purchases is that if you have bought something from an established and reputable dealer or retailer, then you should ensure you have some form of warranty - usually for one year. With products such as laptops and other electronic devices, it could be an advantage to buy into an extended service plan, available for up to three years. However, confirm with your supplier what their policy is regarding this type of plan. With some, you can only buy an extended service plan within 30 days from when you bought the product. Other manufacturers allow you to add this protection for online purchases, provided the product is still covered by its original warranty.

Supplier Protection Plans
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