Ways to save Money on Clothes when You're Low on Cash ...


There are several ways to save money on clothes and it’s not rocket science. If you have consumer debt or have a problem with spending too much money on clothes then I have some easy tricks on ways to help save you money. Here are a few fool-proof ways to save money on clothes.

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Avoid Online Shopping

One of the most important ways to save money on clothes is by avoiding online shopping! Online shopping is the best because you don’t have to wait in line for the fitting room or to pay, you don’t have to find your size in between a crowd of customers and a pile of clothes, and you’re in the comfort of your own home. But, that’s what also makes it the worst! Because it’s so convenient we tend to do too much online shopping! Plus, many websites offer great promotions and discounts when you buy over a certain amount. Although our closets are full, our bank accounts become empty. Avoid online shopping because that’s where the temptation to buy gets even worse.


Don’t Sign up for Newsletters

Many retailers either ask you for your e-mail address at the cash desk or offer you an incentive if you sign up for a newsletter. Although you may think it’s harmless or think it’s a great way to find out about promotions and sales, retailers usually have the upper hand in this situation. Now that retailers have your information, they will send you pretty flyers, promo codes, and ads about “exclusive” sales. You may think you’re saving money by signing up for newsletters, but in reality retailers have hit the jackpot because now they can contact you personally to come in and shop at their store.


Avoid Going to the Mall

When I go to the mall I always have to spend money. Whether it is at the food court or at my favourite cosmetic store – I can’t help it! Apparently, we get a small natural high when we go shopping and that’s why we treat it as such an indulgence. If you’re like me, avoid going to the mall! Even just wandering around aimlessly with no intention to buy can end up costing you money. If you must go to the mall to buy something necessary, only bring a small amount of cash to avoid overspending or buying unnecessary stuff.


Clothing Swaps with Friends

Some of us like to follow trends in fashion – with that being said a lot of us have clothes that are only lightly worn because they were in one season and out the other. If you and your friends share the same problem of a closet full of like-new clothes, then have a clothing swap! A clothing swap is when you and your friends get together and trade clothes. It’s a great way to get rid of things you don’t want anymore but an even better way to go home with a new wardrobe (and you didn’t even have to spend a dime!).


Thrift Shopping

My utmost favourite denim jacket (and one of my favourite pieces from my entire wardrobe) is from a thrift store! Thrift stores usually have lightly worn and like-new clothes at an unbelievably reasonable price. Plus, if you’re someone who does follow trends then going thrift shopping is perfect since you can buy a whole new wardrobe every season for less than $100!



We all love sales because we want to get more bang for our buck! The best time to go shopping is during sale seasons such as back to school, Black Friday, Boxing Day, and end of season sales (usually at the end of August and February). All though you might overspend during a massive sale, you’ll most likely go home with more clothes than you would have had you spent the same amount of money during a regular season, thus making it a better value!



The best way to spend less money is by only carrying cash with you. When you carry credit or debit cards you have a false sense of having an unlimited amount of money. Plus, having a credit or debit card might be all the encouragement you need to spend more than you should be. Instead, carry cash with you so you can physically see how much you are spending. In addition, carrying cash is a great way to stay on budget as it is a physical reminder of how much you can spend.

Saving money on clothes is easy and takes no brain work at all! Use these guidelines to help you save money – you’ll thank yourself later! What are other ways to save money on clothes?

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Stitch your own jackets, which is an awsome hobby.

Would love to go thrift shopping but theres no thrift shops in my country

Oh online shopping is and addiction of mine! Not sure how to stop!

disagree with #2... by signing up for newsletters you can track and gauge what really is a good sale

I think i need to get back into the habit of just having cash in my wallet, i'm not bad at keeping track of money but it's a lot easier when you can see what's in your wallet!

What is Boxing Day?!

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