Find out How to save Money when You're Moving ...


Moving can be an expensive and strenuous process, but thankfully, there are tons of ways to save money when moving that will make the entire process so much easier! Whether you’re looking for ways to save money while furnishing your new place, or simply looking for money-saving tips for the actual move, you’ll find them on this list of ways to save money when moving.

1. Ask around

When I moved, I was amazed at the amount of furniture and other necessary items I found just by asking around. This is currently one of my favorite ways to save money when moving because I had such great luck with it. One of my cousins was trying to get rid of a vintage, midcentury dresser at a yard sale, but she gave it to me for free. I found an unused, extra set of silverware in my mom’s basement, as well as most of the smaller décor pieces for my place. You’d be surprised at the amount of stuff that people are just dying to get rid of!

Ikea is Your Best Friend
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