6 Brilliant Ways to Support Your Fave Small Business ...

By Kelly

6 Brilliant  Ways to Support  Your Fave  Small Business  ...

Are you trying to find ways to support a local business? It feels like everyone has a side hustle. Whether it’s your relative’s new smoothie stand or makeup products you’ve been wanting forever, here are some ways to support a local business that you might’ve never thought of.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Shop There
  2. 2. Tell Your Friends
  3. 3. Give Them a Shoutout on Social Media
  4. 4. Leave a Review
  5. 5. Become a Distributor
  6. 6. Offer Your Services

1 Shop There

Seems kinda obvious (duh), but sometimes it’s actually harder than it sounds. When you decide to shop small, it means resisting the urge to blow all your cash on super 70% off flash sales at a big chain store. And since small businesses usually don’t use mass production methods like bigger stores, it usually means that you’re paying more in the long run. But you’re supporting someone’s dream and usually, you’ll find things that you wouldn’t normally find at the mall. This is one of the best ways to support a local business.

2 Tell Your Friends

Word of mouth is still a huge way people find out about products. I mean you usually trust recommendations your friends make right? So if you found some skin care products that are amazing or a really funny shirt, let them know where you got it.

3 Give Them a Shoutout on Social Media

Absolutely love, love, love a product? Make sure the whole world knows about it. Whether on a small blog you run or your thousands of Instagram followers, every click helps. Many small businesses thrive because of their social media following and having you share on the same platform will totally help them out.

4 Leave a Review

Most businesses that sell on sites like Amazon or Etsy depend on reviews. The number of star ratings can make or break a seller. So leaving an awesome, honest review about the product can give a boost to your faves and gives them exposure to new potential customers. Also taking pictures of the products you receive helps even more, especially if it’s something like makeup.

5 Become a Distributor

Although owning an online shop is the way most products get sold, many will sell their products wholesale to specialty stores or other places in order to get more customers buying their product. See if the business you want to promote has the option to sell you products at a wholesale rate. You might make some extra cash on the side too!

6 Offer Your Services

Are you a genius on photoshop? Are you majoring in marketing? Do you know how to code? Often times, companies will need to outsource their creativity and work simply because they don’t have to skills or the time to do it all. If you’re also looking to hone in on your skills or build a portfolio, offering the skills that you have at a reasonable rate or even pro bono (if you really love it that much), is a great way to start building up your own career.

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