9 Weird Ways 😜 to Amp up πŸ”Œ Your Savings Account πŸ’΅ Today πŸ“† ...


Whether you're saving for something in particular or you just want to build a little nest egg, it's hard to save money! But there are a few penny-savvy things you can do to boost your savings without depriving yourself, and while they may seem odd, they really work!

1. Round It up

I'm no math whiz, so this money-saving trick actually calms my nerves and makes checkbook-balancing a snap: I round up when I write down a purchase, which makes the math easier and slowly but surely builds a cushion. For example, if dinner out costs $15.48, I round up to and even $16. In one week, I saved about $12 in this "rounding up" method, and in a year, it saved me a little more than $600.

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