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Making money as a teenager can be hard to accomplish.

However, thanks to the Internet these days, it can get a little bit easier for you.

There are so many apps and websites that can help you make money, or at the very least it can be a little bit easier to advertise to your local area.

If you want to make money but don’t know where to start and don’t have the time to get a traditional job, start with this list.2

From finding your passion and monetizing it to just trying out babysitting, this list has it all!

1. Sell Your Closet

Do you have clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in years?

Make some extra cash and clear out your closet!2

Download one of those super popular apps that allow you to list pieces of clothing in your closet for sale.

It’s such an easy way to make some extra cash with very little work!

2. Make Your Passion Your Job

Turn your passion into a job!

If you love singing, try to get local gigs around town or upload your videos to YouTube to get some money from Google AdSense.2

If you love to dance, teach a dance class.

If you’re a writer, find a website to write for!

There are so many different ways that you can make money as a young teen with your passion that you may not have realized yet!

3. Start a Blog

Just like YouTube, you can create a little bit of extra cash from Google AdSense on a blog.2

If you love writing but can’t find a website that will pay you to write, try starting a blog instead.

You’ll get to write about the content that you love and you’ll get all of the profits!

4. Babysit

If you love kids and know a lot of kids in your area, as well as their parents, start babysitting!

If they can trust you, you’ll start racking up the babysitting jobs insanely and you’ll make a ton of money!

It’s also a gig that will make you super responsible and more mature than other people your age!

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