The Practical ✌️ Application of the Four Buddhist Truths 💭 to Your Finances 💰 ...


People faithful to the Buddhist religion believe that their profit Buddha taught four noble truths. He came by these noble truths after experiencing enlightenment and subsequently started teaching them to his followers. His first lesson after his enlightenment was about the four noble truths, indicating that they must have been at the forefront of his mind after experiencing enlightenment.

The noble truths revolve around something known as Dukkha. The term Dukkha is commonly translated as the negative elements of a person's life when their emotions are involved. These emotions include things such as anxiety, stress, suffering, and the more commonly referenced dissatisfaction. The four noble truths are the framework of this entire religion.

The meaning of Dukkha cannot be defined by a few well-chosen words. Buddha describes Dukkha in many things including birth, illness, and death. He describes Dukkha as being part of any of your lamentation, sorrow, grief, pain, and your despair. In a very oversimplified way, one can say that craving is the root of all Dukkha, where craving leads to a renewed existence, which is followed by delight, which then leads to lust as one searches for more delight--leading to a lust for more sensual pleasures and more craving within your own existence. The cessation of Dukkha revolves around to giving up cravings and freeing yourself from the lying on delight.

1. The Truth of Dukkha

As previously stated, Dukkha is attached to a great many negative and positive things but is more commonly referred to as encapsulating the negative human emotions that we feel either prior to an event, after an event, all the feelings of lust for the event, item or emotion. So the first question is obviously going to be, how can we attach money to be negative feelings we all commonly experience? And asking the question it seems obvious we know the answer, given the fact that money seems to cause an awful lot of people a great deal of negative emotions on a daily basis. So said the great philosopher "Uncle Albert" from the British TV show, "Only Fools And Horses," he said, "...Money, whether you have too little or not enough, it always causes problems." We must be a little more cerebral about this however, because money is only because of Dukkha the people who crave it and use it to fulfill their delights.

The Origin of Dukkha