8 Unusual Ways to Make Money ...


Making extra money is a necessity for many people these days, with the cost of living growing ever higher.

But everyone is trying the usual methods, such as selling on eBay, dog-walking, and so on.

So some people come up with very unusual ways to make money.

Here are some of the more unusual ways to make money that ingenious โ€“ and adventurous โ€“ people use โ€ฆ

1. Street Entertainment

People who like performing can set up in the street and try their hand at charming money from passers-by.

It helps to come up with a โ€œshowโ€ thatยดs just that little bit different if you want to attract attention.

And do be careful about avoiding the attention of the authorities โ€“ the best option is to get the appropriate permit (or be very fast at running away!).

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