7 Ways to Determine if You Are a Spender or a Saver ...


Do you know if you are a spender or saver?

I believe that both have their benefits, although spenders and savers alike think that their choice is the optimal.

If you’re not sure which side of the scale you stand on, keep reading!

Here are a few ways to determine if you are a spender or saver, and the pros and cons to both sides!2

1. Do You Have a Savings Account?

One way to figure out if you’re a spender or saver is to take a look at your savings account.

If you don’t even have one, that’s a good indication you aren’t a saver at all.3

If you have one, but it’s empty or nearly empty, that could be a sign that you have good intentions but don’t quite make the standard.

Or it could mean that you have fallen on hard times and need to replenish your savings.

2. Is Your Paycheck Gone as Soon as You Get It?

If your paycheck goes “poof” within the first day or two of receiving it, that may mean that you are a spender!

For those of us living paycheck-to-paycheck, your account may be on empty close to the end of the month, but spent on necessary things like groceries and bills.2

Spenders will usually tell you that money burns a hole in their pocket, so it must be spent right away.

3. Do You Have Specific Items on Your Shopping List?

Savers generally shop for specific items.

When they go out, they know exactly what they need and won’t typically get distracted.2

A saver CAN shop just to browse, but when that happens there is usually a price limit that any item they purchase must fall under.

4. Do You like to Splurge?

Spenders LOVE splurging!

In fact, they splurge on nearly any item they see and want.

Savers enjoy the occasional splurge too, but are more reserved and careful about it.

Splurging is usually more enjoyed when you don’t get to splurge often anyways, right?

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