7 Ways to Start Saving up Your Money ...


I have always had trouble saving up money, until I’ve figured out certain strategies and ways to start saving.

It’s not easy to always be saving, but it's totally worth it.

The smallest strategies will make you see a difference in your bank account!

Here are my tips on ways to start saving.

1. Savings Account

The first and the best of ways to start saving is of course to create a savings account.

A savings account will make it easy to start saving.

This is because for one, you won’t be able to use your savings when using your debit card.

Also, it will make it easier to build your savings account and watch the number grow.

That’s the best feeling in the world!

2. Quit Online Shopping

Another way to save up is to quit online shopping.

Avoid browsing online stores altogether!

I know that it’s fun to browse stores online but you will get tempted.

Don’t say "It’s so cheap, it’s nothing," because it will add up.

Stick to good old Facebook and All Women Stalk!

3. Pack Lunch and Snacks

Another great way to save money is to pack lunch and snacks.

What we don’t realize is that the amount of money we pay for food adds up throughout the week.

Go through your monthly statement for your bank account and calculate the amount you’ve spent on food.

You won’t believe it!

An easy way to avoid this is to pack your lunch for school and work, and snacks just in case.2

4. Don’t Get Distracted

An important way to save your money is to avoid getting distracted.

It’s really easy to give in and just buy things!

Make yourself a promise to save up.

Keep reminding yourself of your promise.

Avoid things that will distract you like going to the mall, online shopping or even going out for dinner!

Well, once in a while, of course.

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