7 Common Cover Letter Mistakes That You Should Avoid ...


Because one of the first things most employers notice when they evaluate an applicant is their cover letter, here are a few common cover letter mistakes that you should avoid. A good cover letter is designed to inform and keep your potential employer interested in your resume. Yet, there are some cover letters that offend, bore or even amuse (not in a good way) the people who read them. That’s why, when you decide to launch a job search, you should not only update your resume but improve your cover letter too, because this will increase your chances of getting that job that you always wanted. Every hiring manager will first assess your cover letter (and not your resume) and they will form an impression of you and your qualifications, so it’s important to take this document seriously. Here are 7 common cover letter mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Failing to Personalize

This is one of the most common cover letter mistakes that most job applicants make. Just avoid saying “Dear Sir/ Madam,” take initiative and use the appropriate contact name. Sometimes, a quick call to that company can help you fill in that blank. This way, you will also show them that you are a resourceful individual and that you are really interested in that job.

Submitting a Cover Letter with Errors
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