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Don’t get me wrong — I have nothing against money, or people who have a lot of it. I just think there are a lot of common myths about money, and about wealthy people in particular. While I’m trying to accumulate as much of it as I can (until I see a pair of boots I just can’t resist), I thought I’d share a few of these myths with you. Here are 7 common myths about money… and people with money.

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They Can Buy Happiness

The old cliché is true: money can’t buy happiness. While it sounds silly, it’s not, when you think about it. Sure, money can buy you THINGS… but those things don’t always make you happy.. in fact, sometimes, too many things can make you UN-happy.


They Can Buy Love

This is another money myth, one that’s totally untrue. Just like money can’t buy you happiness, it can’t buy you love. In fact, wasn’t that the name of a movie from the 1980s? Like you can’t buy love, you also can’t buy friends.


They Have the Best Everything

Most of the people who drive expensive cars can’t afford them. So this is another myth about money… because people who can afford the “finer things in life” often wouldn’t waste the money on them. They’re satisfied with driving their six-year-old car, or using their iPhone 4, rather than spending the money on the latest and greatest.


They Have No Debt

The more money you have, chances are, the more debt you have… so this myth about money is also untrue. People with money still have insurance payments, mortgages, and tuition payments… that doesn’t change, no matter how much money you have.


They Have No Worries

People with money worry about a lot of things… including money! They don’t usually worry about putting food on the table, or whether or not they can make their car payment on time, but they have worries, too… like losing their livelihood or inheritance.


They Have More Fun

I really, really hoped this was true… but from what I understand, this money myth isn’t true at all. People who have money can travel more, and can do a lot more, but to them, the travel isn’t a big deal, and the hiking is ho-hum, and the cruise? It’s the same one they take every June. I know I would appreciate these things more, because they’re rare for me… but people who travel often get bored with it, I’ve heard.


They Don’t Have to Be Frugal

How do you think wealthy people got to be wealthy in the first place? Certainly it wasn’t by letting money slip through their fingers like water. Chances are, they saved it, and are still, even though they’re wealthy, saving it. Sure, some people are born into money, and seem to have no problem spending a lot of money… but remember, it’s all relative.

So now that we’ve disproved all of these money myths, do you still want to be wealthy? Yeah, me too! These myths about money may be busted, but I’m willing to try and make them true… do you agree with my list, or do you think it’s all silliness? Which of these myths are you going to try and disprove when you strike it rich? Please share!

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Very true. Even I myself sometimes think that they have no worried at all but that's just silly. c:

Those poor misunderstood multimillionaires!

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