7 Free and Frugal Ways to Reward Yourself ...

There are several ways to reward yourself after a long week. And fortunately, you don't have to spend a lot of money. Whether you’re treating yourself for overcoming a stressful situation or reaching a milestone, here are seven free or frugal ways to reward yourself this week.

1. Take a Calming Bath

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This is by far one of the easiest ways to reward yourself. All you need is a bottle of bubble bath and perhaps a few candles. Dim the lights in your bathroom, put on some soothing music or grab a good book, and escape into your own oasis.

2. Get a Pedicure

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Summer is right around the corner and depending on where you live, you might already enjoy warm spring temperatures. Give your feet a little attention and spend a relaxing hour getting a pedicure at a nail spa. You don't need a lot of money and it doesn't take a lot of time.

3. Enjoy a Weekend on the Cheap

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There's no rule that says you have to spend a lot to enjoy a getaway from home. Look for destinations within a one or two-hour drive from your home. Visit groupon.com to see if you can find accommodations at a discount. Research free entertainment in your destination city. This way, you can have the time of your life without going broke.

4. Hit the Sales Rack

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If you haven't had a little retail therapy lately, go to your favorite retail store and hit the sales or clearance racks. To avoid overspending, check your budget and set a spending limit before leaving home. For extra savings, look for coupons and other discounts to take a percentage off your purchase. Thus, you can reward yourself and save money at the same time.

5. Pawn off the Kids

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Between work and family, you may not have a minute to breathe. In addition, you and your partner may spend little quality time together. Send the kids to grandma for the weekend or hire a babysitter, and then getaway with your partner for a day or weekend. Even if you can't go far, spend a day exploring your city, head to a spa, or enjoy a matinee and dinner.

6. Send Everyone Away

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Maybe you prefer to reward yourself by spending time alone. Be adventurous and take a short vacation on your own. You don't have to leave your city or state. Book one or two nights at a nearby hotel. Order room service, get a massage, or simply relax in your comfortable bed with a glass of wine. A couple of days without your spouse, children, work and household chores can rejuvenate your mind.

7. Take a Personal Day

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You might love your job, but if work takes over your life, don't feel bad about a personal day. Besides, you deserve a day off, especially if you’ve given your boss 110%. However, don't spend this day cleaning your house. This is your time to lounge around, be lazy and catch up on your DVR programs.

Life is hectic, and sometimes, taking care of ourselves gets pushed aside. Unfortunately, this is a quick way to burnout. If you don't recover from burnout, you may always feel exhausted or anxious. Rather than ignore your needs, make time for yourself on a regular basis.

How do you reward yourself?

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