How to πŸ“ Create a Visually Impressive Resume πŸ“„ for Girls Looking to Wow πŸ˜€ a Prospective Job ...


You’ll read lots of tips about your resume’s content, but I thought we should also look at how to make the most of your resume’s visual appeal. Remember, HR people and hirers might see hundreds of resumes for every job so if yours is eye-catching, you at least stand a good chance of it being read. Here’s how to make a visually impressive resume.

1. Make It Easier to Read with White Space

Learn a little bit about white space because it will serve you well for other digital and physical creations you make. It is also known as negative space, and it relates to how much the eye doesn’t have to look at. Notice how these articles are not cramped and how they are easy to read. It is because there is a lot of white space within these articles and you should ensure there is white space in your resume.

Use a Template You Find Online
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