How to Make Extra Cash before Christmas ...

By Holly

How to Make Extra Cash before Christmas ...

This is the time of year when you need money the most. Otherwise, you won't be able to buy thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. That's why Good Housekeeping has come up with a few ways to make some extra cash before Christmas:

1 Do Odd Jobs for Your Neighbors

Care and Task Rabbit will help you find odd jobs. Meanwhile, E Neighbor lets you make money by picking up a package for a neighbor. How simple is that?

2 Trade in Your Old Products

You have plenty of old books, CDs, and video games that you don't use anymore. Why not trade them into Amazon or Game Stop for a few bucks?

3 Have a Group Yard Sale

You might not have enough stuff for a yard sale, which is why you should find some friends and have a yard sale together. The more items you're selling, the longer others will stop to browse.

4 Become a Secret Shopper

Best Mark and Secret Shopper hire people to become mystery shoppers. All you have to do is walk into a store and see how you're treated.

5 Sell Your Stuff Online

Go to Posh Mark or Thread Flip to sell your items. It's simple.

6 Walk Dogs

If you hate kids, become a pet sitter instead. You could even walk dogs for your neighbors. Try looking through Rover for options.

7 Sell Your Crafts

Go to a local craft fair to sell your items. If that's not possible, sign up for Etsy and sell your products there.

How are you planning on making more money before the holidays?

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