How to 🤔 Quit Your Job ✌️ like a Professional 💪 ...


Unless you are one of the lucky ones who lands in their dream position straight away, it is highly likely that you are going to quit a job or two over the course of your working life and it’s important to know how to quit your job like a professional. A lot of quitting circumstances will no doubt arise from the fact that you are no longer happy in your current line of work, but just because you are moving away with bad feelings or memories, it doesn’t mean that you have to lower your standards and become unprofessional about things. It will only serve to damage your chances of getting a good reference from those employers in the future. Here are some tips for how to quit your job like a professional.

1. Be Honest

Don’t pepper your resignation with a bunch of lies that you think will make the situation less awkward, because it is more likely that those lies will be uncovered and not believed, and that will leave a very sour taste in your former employer’s mouths. Just be honest when giving your notice, and this doesn’t have to mean being rude. Learn the art of diplomacy and you can navigate any situation with dignity and grace.

Say Thank You
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