7 Incredibly Simple Rules to Help Curb Spending - Today ...


There are rules to help curb spending, and if you’re tired of having too many bills and little disposable income, making a few adjustments to the way you view money can help. Most people don’t learn budgeting and money management in school, they have to learn by trial and error. But even if you’ve made several spending mistakes in the past, following these seven simple rules to help curb spending can get your finances on track.

1. Get Rid of Your Credit Cards

If you need rules to help curb spending, start by getting rid of your credit cards. This may seem like a drastic measure, but sometimes, this is what it takes to curb spending. With credit cards no longer in your wallet, there’s a low risk for frivolous and impulsive spending. This keeps more cash in your wallet or bank account.

Ditch Your Debit Card
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