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7 Things That You Shouldn't Splurge on when You're Broke ...

By Valencia

If your money isn’t looking right, there are definitely things you shouldn’t splurge on. I know, this can be hard, especially if you’ve been able to spend like you’ve wanted in the past. However, a part of being financially wise is adjusting your spending as you deal with fluctuations in your disposable income. Regardless of what you may be used to, here are seven things you shouldn’t splurge on when you’re broke.

1 Hair Appointments

Weekly or bi-weekly appointments might be the thing that keeps your hair looking right, but if you can barely keep the lights on or struggle to find gas money, hair appointments are one of the things you shouldn’t splurge on - at least not now. Buy your own hair care products for a fraction of the price, and then go to You Tube for ideas on how to style your hair.

2 Expensive Coffee

I’m always amazed by the number of people who complain about money, but still buy coffee everyday. And I’m not talking about the cheap $1 coffee you can grab from a fast food restaurant or gas station. If you need to conserve your cash, every $1 counts. Brew your own coffee at home and save between $50 and $80 a month, depending on how often you buy coffee.

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3 New Clothes/shoes

If you’re a fashion addict or someone who has to keep up with the latest styles, perhaps now’s the time for an intervention. Clothes aren’t cheap, and if you buy things that you don’t need, and spend money that you don’t have, you’ll never get out the hole. Only buy what you need, and never pay full price. Wait for sales or check for coupons.

4 Lunch

Going out to lunch can break up your day and provide a short escape, but this escape comes with a price. What you save by bringing your own lunch can help pay a bill or fill your gas tank. Bring leftovers from last night’s dinner or make a sandwich. This may not be what you want, but it’ll save you money.

5 Massages

You may reason that a massage is the best way to forget about your money woes and de-stress, and maybe you’re right. But let’s be honest, how’s a $65 massage going to help you stop worrying about money? It’s only a temporary stress reliever. If anything, once you come off the high, you’ll start worrying about how you’re going to make up for the money you spent.

6 Conveniences

Everyone is busy, and some people do whatever it takes to make life easier. They might hire someone to cut their grass, clean their house, wash their car and deliver their food. This definitely frees up time in the day, but at what cost? There is a price to every single convenience. However, by letting go of these conveniences and doing things yourself, you might just save a pretty penny.

7 Electronics

Whether it’s the latest iPhone, laptop, tablet or television - you don’t need it. And don’t reason that you can put the purchase on your credit card and pay it off in a few months. In all likelihood, the charge will still be on your credit card next year, increasing how much you pay in interest.

Yes, being broke isn’t fun, and it limits what you can do. Why complicate matters by splurging on things that you don’t need? Now it’s your turn. Can you think of additional tips?

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