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7 Effective Yet Simple Ways to Curb Emotional Shopping ...

By Valencia

Learning different ways to curb emotional shopping can have a positive impact on your savings account and your credit. If you’re lonely, sad or bored, heading to the mall might be the only thing that puts a smile on your face. But as you may quickly discover, your high is often followed by a major low, where you regret your actions. Hey, you’re not alone. Many have been in a similar situation, and like them, you can learn ways to curb emotional shopping.

1 Do I Really Need This

If you’re looking for ways to curb emotional shopping, begin by asking yourself, do I really need this? It’s a simple question, but one that’ll get you thinking. You can also ask yourself, am I trying to fill a void right now? Understanding your emotions forces you to acknowledge the reasons behind shopping.

2 Unsubscribe to Email Alerts

If you join your favorite retailers email clubs, you may receive coupons and other promotions in your inbox. I understand this temptation firsthand, and it’s hard to resist a 50% off everything sale or a coupon to take $100 off a $200 purchase. If you’re an emotional shopper, the last thing you need is an inbox full of coupons to your favorite stores. Unsubscribe and remove the temptation.


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3 Leave Cash and Credit Cards at Home

I firmly believe in the importance of having an emergency credit card in your wallet – just in case. But if you’re trying to curb emotional shopping, keeping a credit card in your wallet can be the kiss of death. You may have to take a different approach and leave all methods of payment at home, and pray that an emergency doesn’t happen.

4 Know Your Triggers

Maybe shoes are your weakness during an emotional crisis, or maybe electronics put a smile on your face. Whatever your weakness, you need to avoid these retailers when you’re feeling low. And don’t think that you can just walk around the mall and browse. In all likelihood you’ll see a sale, and before you know it, you will pulled out your debit card or cash.

5 Distract Yourself

I once heard that the brain can only focus on one thing at a time. This is good to know, especially if you’re an emotional shopper. If you’re bored or unhappy and thinking about hitting the stores, direct your attention elsewhere. Clean your house, do some gardening, or tackle a project that you’ve been putting off.

6 Get a Support System

If you’re unable to stop shopping alone, there is no shame in getting a support team. Your family and friends know your struggle better than anyone, and if you’re trying to curb emotional shopping, they’ll stand by your side. Call up someone in your support circle and get together for a few hours. Enjoy a cheap meal and a few laughs, and you may forget about shopping.

7 Post Your Debt

If emotional shopping has gotten you into some serious debt, calculate your total debt and post this amount in a place that’s only visible to you. Each time you feel tempted to shop, look at this number. If you’re also working toward improving your debt and credit, this method might scare you straight.

Getting a handle on emotional shopping is one step toward financial fitness. Understand that you may give into temptation at times. Don’t beat yourself up over setbacks - it happens. Stay positive, stick with your plan and you can overcome this hurdle.

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