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Interviews are a great way to establish a connection with the employer and really leave a good impression before the hiring decision is made, but it is in fact the most nerve-wrecking part of getting a job. The employers evaluate your every answer in addition to the way you carry yourself, so you can’t help but feel like you are being judged for your every movement. And while some have no problem with handling themselves during interviews, others struggle with saying the right thing and acting naturally under pressure. So if you are one of those people who could use a few tips, take a look below!

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Be Prepared to Answer Common Interview Questions

Knowing that you have answers to the most common interview questions already prepared will not only decrease your chances of blanking out on an answer but also make you feel more comfortable going to the interview from the start. You will feel prepared and therefore exude more confidence! So make sure you know what to say to questions such as:

“Tell me a little about yourself.”
“What are your weaknesses?”
“What are your strengths?”
“What do you know about this company?”
“Why do you want to work for us?”


Dress to Impress

At first encounters, appearance is everything. After all, that’s the first thing people see and that’s what they use to form their first impression. And by appearance, I don’t mean your facial features and body type, I mean how put together you look, whether your clothing is appropriate and whether you have good personal hygiene. The way you dress and the way you present yourself is a reflection of who you are!


Act Professionally the Second You Step into the Building

Once you step into the building you should be in your ‘interview mode,’ meaning that you should turn off your phone and behave like someone should in a workplace. I know how tempting it might be to pull out your phone and check social media while waiting to be called in, but try to resist the urge. And most of all, please avoid any profanity while chatting in the lobby or the waiting room!


Be Ready for Odd Ball Questions

Sometimes employers might try to catch you off guard by asking oddball questions. For example, they might ask, “What is your favorite superhero?” or “How many tennis balls can you fit into a car?” And there is no right or wrong answer, they just want to see how you would react and try to answer these types of questions. So keep calm and do you best by taking a wild guess! Any answer is better than no answer.


Never Arrive Late, Always Be on Time

Plan the trip to your destination in advance and leave your house with plenty of time to give yourself room for error. Things happen, the trains might not be working or there might be traffic, so make sure you account for the worst-case scenario! Arriving late to an interview already puts you in a bad position before the interview even begins. Therefore, make sure to do everything to avoid this mistake.


Have Your Questions Ready

At the end of the interview, which hopefully goes well, the employer will probably ask you if you have any questions for them. This is when you can showcase your initiative and ask more about the company that might have been unclear to you from your own research, or the tasks that you will be responsible for if you were to receive the position. Come prepared and show them that you are interested in the company!


Be Prepared to Discuss Your Resume

Having your information written down on a resume is one thing, but being able to discuss what is actually on it is another thing. You have to be prepared to sell yourself and discuss what you have done in the past, and that means being able to elaborate on the responsibilities that were given to you from your previous experiences.

As long as you come prepared and convince the employer that you are a well-rounded worker who will only benefit their company, the job will be yours! Just make sure to send a thank you letter later that day and show them that you appreciate the time that was set aside to interview you.

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Great tips. I am always afraid of interviews so I feel lucky that I have got jobs through who I know but I have got jobs through interviews but it is always nerve wrecking and I agree about the odd ball questions. I was asked at an interview what I would do if I won the lottery so I said I will buy this company and buy you out he laughed and thought it was funny. I knew I wouldn't get the job anyway since it was quite a challenging interview but I got the job. I kid you know. I will not recommend that type of answer the question came from no where so I answered without thinking. It just happened to work. I believe sometime the moment the walk into a room the interviewer has already decided whether they will employ you or not. Having said that just go for it. Love the post.informative indeed. Thanks.

My Dad said the most important part of the interview is when you ask them questions at the end. People forget that getting a new job is not just a benefit for you, but also for the company. Ask questions to show an interest in starting a relationship with co, and it'll go a lot farther. And yeah my most recent oddball question was What's your favorite soup, and what part of the soup would you be and why? Lol I loved it.

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