Loose Change Lying around? Here's How You Can Spend It ...


I'm always throwing loose change in the bottom of my purse and I keep a tin can in my closet for loose change. It doesn't take long for loose change to add up. And if you've started a loose change collection, there are plenty of ways to spend this money. Your collection of pennies, quarters, dimes and nickels might be the ticket to a social life if you're tight on cash.

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Take Yourself out to Dinner

About two years ago I counted all my loose change and had about $76. If you have this much change lying around, and if you haven't gotten out the house lately, take yourself and your partner out to dinner. This is an excellent way to have a little fun and spend money without borrowing cash from other expenses.


Catch a Matinee

If you don't have enough spare change for a dinner date, treat yourself to a matinee. Earlier movies are typically $2 to $3 cheaper than evening movies, depending on where you live.


Fill up Your Gas Tank

Gas prices can fluctuate, and sometimes, it costs an arm and a leg to get from point A to point B. With your loose change, you can fill up your tank and have enough fuel to get through the week.


Go to Redbox and Have a Night in with Friends

Then again, maybe you don't keep a lot of loose change lying around. No problem, you can still have fun with the amount you have. Go to Redbox and rent one or two movies and plan a night in. If you have a little cash leftover, pick up takeout food and have a cheap date night or night with friends.


Go to the Dollar Store and Rack up

You might be surprised at what you can buy at a dollar store. These retailers carry a wide variety of merchandise from personal hygiene products to household goods. Take your spare change to the dollar store and get a bunch of little things without breaking the bank. This is also the perfect spot if you have children and you want to buy them a cheap toy or another inexpensive item to keep them entertained for hours.


Get Frozen Yogurt after a Stressful Day

I keep loose change in my car specifically for last-minute treats. After a hard, stressful day at work, you can pull out your spare change and treat yourself to frozen yogurt or something else, maybe a fancy coffee. This can help you unwind and enjoy a little me-time before heading home.


Purchase Apps for Your Device

There are a lot of helpful apps available -- whether you want tips for managing your money or you're looking for fun entertainment. Some apps are free, but you'll have to pay for others. And if you've been putting off getting a few apps due to cost, use your loose change to pay for these. Apps purchased are charged directly to the credit card on your account, so you'll need to deposit the loose change in the bank and make a credit card payment.

Loose change might seem insignificant, but it can add up and give you cash for enjoying a night out, or you can treat yourself to something special.

What are other ways to spend loose change?

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