7 Myths of Credit Scores ...


Credit score myths are widespread, but I'm here to disprove some of them today! There is no doubt that there are lots of credit score myths doing the rounds nowadays, partly due to the proliferation of the Internet in our lives. These credit score myths can cause people to unnecessarily worry, or do things that they normally wouldnโ€™t merely because they think it may help them later in life. This article should help you to spot what credit score myths you have fallen victim to, so that you no longer worry about damaging your credit score.

1. You Will Damage Your Credit Score by Checking It

One of the things to understand about credit scores is that you have the right, and even responsibility, to check that your credit score is correct and up-to-date. While itโ€™s true that if you constantly apply for credit you may well damage your score, one of the myths about credit scores is that if you apply to see your score then it will be damaged. Vigilance in these sort of matters is extremely important, so donโ€™t fear checking up on your score.

Shopping around Will Harm Your Credit Score
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