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7 Organic Ways to save Money with a New Baby ...

By Jordin

Finding ways to save money with a baby doesn’t have to be very difficult if you decide to go organic! When you consider the benefits, not only on your wallet, but also on the environment, as well as your precious bundle of joy, then you don’t have much to lose. Check out these 7 organic ways to save money with a baby to find out what you could be doing to spare a little cash on the side!

Table of contents:

  1. Breastfeed
  2. Use cloth diapers
  3. Make your own baby food
  4. Natural air fresheners
  5. Try coconut oil
  6. Don’t bathe too often
  7. Pay attention to paint

1 Breastfeed

There’s no doubt that breastfeeding is one of the top ways to save money with a baby! Formula prices are on the rise, and so cutting this expense from your budget will give you more money than you realized. Breastfeeding is much healthier than bottle-feeding, and not just for baby, but for mom too. Do research to find out the many health benefits before you make a final decision on how to best feed your baby.

2 Use Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering seems like an age-old concept, but it has multiple benefits. Less chance of a rash for your baby’s bottom, environmentally-friendly, less money spent on diapers, and less stink for your home to name a few! If you choose to use cloth diapers, make sure you have plenty of diapers on hand so you’re not spending hours a day washing diapers out. And learn the best methods for cleaning them so you don’t have bacteria on your hands.

3 Make Your Own Baby Food

Buying pre-made jars of baby food sure is convenient, but sometimes I get skeptical and wonder what’s REALLY in those jars. I’ve decided that I will be making my own baby food when my small fry is old enough to nosh on it. For the best deal, buy fruits and veggies that are in season or on sale. Puree them to your desired texture, then freeze or refrigerate them until used. Don’t forget to date each jar so you don’t use something expired or old!

4 Natural Air Fresheners

Babies are sweet, but sometimes they don’t always smell sweet. Instead of spending money and polluting the air in your home with store bought air fresheners, use a natural approach. Burn an organic candle or make your own essential oils. Vanilla and citrus scents will keep things smelling fresh and mask odors! Try to open windows or doors when you can to air things out. And wipe down counter tops and other surfaces with white vinegar to really cut through smelliness!

5 Try Coconut Oil

You want to be certain you are keeping baby’s skin hydrated and moisturized, especially during the winter season. One of my favorite, organic moisturizers can be found in the cooking aisle of any local grocery store-it’s coconut oil! You can buy a large jar and it will last you for a while. It’s good for your skin as well as baby’s! And it smells divine.

6 Don’t Bathe Too Often

Newborn babies don’t really need a bath every single day. Bathing too often will dry out their skin and encourage cradle cap. Bathe weekly instead, and sponge bathe in between. This tip will save you money on your water bill, and keep you from using so much lotion or other organic skin moisturizers.

7 Pay Attention to Paint

When choosing paint for your baby’s nursery or furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want something that is safe for the baby to breathe and touch, and ingest, just in case he decides to chew on the crib railing! Second, you want a gender-neutral color so that you can use the nursery or furniture again with any siblings that come along, or have better luck selling things if you only have one child. Also, remember that neutral colors in general will transition into an older child’s room much easier than something like baby blue or neon orange.

Having a baby is a big deal, but so are the decisions you make when raising and caring for him or her! It’s always nice to save money, and if you can keep things natural and organic while you’re at it, you can rest assured that you are being a great parent! Do you know any organic ways to save money with a baby?

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