7 Simple Money Saving Strategies for Couples ...


If you and your partner overspend every month and there's never enough cash, there are money saving strategies to improve your budget. Most people are concerned with saving money, but they don't always know how to save. However, saving money might be easier than you think. Here are seven simple money saving strategies for couples.

1. Use Sites like Groupon for Entertainment Deals

Just because you're trying to save money doesn't mean you have to sacrifice entertainment and fun. The trick is looking for deals to save money. For example, visit discount sites like Groupon.com or Living Social and purchase two for one deals to restaurants, theater shows, concerts and other local entertainment. You'll even find a few cheap, but fabulous travel deals for vacations and weekend getaways. With these deals, you can have fun and slash your entertainment budget in half.

Don't Jump into a Huge Mortgage
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