9 Smart Reasons to Stop Using Credit Cards ...


There are plenty of good reasons to stop using credit cards but many people don’t really take them into consideration. I would like to share with you my reasons to quit using credit cards and raise that awareness level! Credit cards can be great tools when they are used correctly, but it’s very easy to abuse a credit card and damage your credit score while putting yourself further into debt. I don’t want to bash credit cards today, I just want to teach responsibility and show you how to be wise with your money. So read on for 9 smart reasons to stop using credit cards!

1. Less Spending

It’s no secret that when you have a credit card you are more likely to overspend your budget. Put a stop to this by not using your card! When you spend cash, it’s much harder to watch it leave your wallet than when you swipe a card, so you really put some thought into your purchases. That’s one great reason to stop using credit cards!

Easier Budgeting
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