25 Things I Could Buy 💰 with My 😬 Student Debt 🏦 ...


In addition to a degree and a fancy cap/gown combination, the average college student leaves with $25,000 in debt against their name. That’s a staggeringly high figure that’s growing with each graduating classes.

This is a big problem for the economy. The housing markets and auto industries are worried that we won’t be able to buy a home or a car anytime soon. Recent graduates don’t have the means to take entrepreneurial risks, while student loan delinquencies are up.

I know this is wishful thinking, but imagine if you didn’t have any debt and were free to spend that money on anything you want. It’s something I find myself daydreaming about more often than I should. It’s an exercise that gets me nowhere in terms of paying down my debt, but at least it’s a lot of fun. Here are a few of the things I could buy with $25,000.

1. A down Payment for a House

The average down payment for a house is around $58,000. With 20 percent being the typical threshold, my debt would be enough to cover a $300,000 home. I don’t need anything that nice, and my college debts would be enough for a modest $125,000 home. It would ideally be in a quiet and hard-to-reach part of the country where I never have to think of student loans.

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