8 Thrifty Tips to save Money on Health Food ...


You know you should eat healthy, but with food rates rising, it seems impossible to save money on health food. Does this sound familiar? Since they don’t make coupons for lettuce and tomatoes, it almost seems impossible to lower your food bill these days. So how do people actually afford to eat like a nutritionist? Here are 8 thrifty tips you haven’t thought of yet to save money on health food so you can eat well without breaking the bank.

1. Get off the "Organic Only" Bandwagon

Sure we would all love to buy everything organic, but it is no secret that organic foods cost more and make it very hard to save money on health food. If you are going to buy organic produce from supermarkets, which are usually higher than farmer’s markets, then learn to buy conventional produce items low in pesticides, which usually include items with outer rinds like onions and potatoes. Besides milk, which should be bought organic, try to only choose 2-3 organic items per grocery trip and try to buy ones that are on sale versus sticking to the same products each week. Wash your produce thoroughly when you get home to get rid of dirt and residue from transit. Many conventional items can still be as nutritious as organic items.

Only Visit the Store Once Every Week
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