7 Tips for Reducing Your Cell Phone Bill to save You Money ...


It doesn’t take long for your cell phone bill to get out of hand fast, but I’ve got some really good tips for reducing your cell phone bill that are fast, easy and effective. While smartphones aren’t cheap, they also shouldn’t cause your monthly bill to be half of what a pricey car payment would cost. Though my cell phone bill is something I’m willing to pay a good bit for, I’m not willing to pay for add on items I don’t need. Many cell phone carriers can tell you that you need certain add-on features added to your bill that are actually a waste of time, or they don’t tell you about other options. Check out these tips for reducing your cell phone bill and don’t hesitate to make the changes today.

1. Data Packages

One thing to be aware of when thinking of tips for reducing your cell phone bill is how much data you actually need versus what you have. For instance, I don’t talk on the phone a lot at all, but I use my internet, download music, and listen to streaming radio a good bit. Therefore, I know I need more data than the smallest package offered, such as 1 GB or so a month. Yet, that doesn’t mean I need to select the biggest package of 5 GB either. Find out how much data you’re using on the plan you have now. I always suggest going with the minimum data plan first, and evaluating your usage after one month, without monitoring how much you use your phone. Then, see how much of your data you’re using and upgrade your package the next month if you need to. I find that I usually average around 2.5 GB every month, and reducing my package down to this per month helped save me the $30 a month increase it would have cost to upgrade to 5 GB per month.

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