9 Tips for Saving Money on a Bridal Shower ...

Saving money on a bridal shower is totally doable without seeming “cheap” or “tightwad”. I have planned several bridal showers, and the thing that I never understood was spending unnecessary money to do what you do every time you get together with good friends - have a fun time! So here are a few ways I came up with to help in saving money on a bridal shower and still make a great impression on the bride.

1. Recruit Help

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One tip for saving money on a bridal shower is to recruit help! Unless you are throwing an exceptionally small shower, you shouldn’t try to foot the bill and all the work involved alone. Grab a bridesmaid, a sister, or a friend, and start delegating tasks and expenses. Divide everything up evenly so that one person isn’t taking care of any more than the rest!

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