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7 Tips if You're Always Late for Work ...

By Alison

Are you nearly always late for work? Is your boss getting irate at how you rush through the door ten minutes after you should have been at your desk? Persistent lateness can lead to disciplinary action; and you'll never be promoted if you can't even get to work on time. So what can you do if you're always in a rush? Here are some tips to improve your punctuality if you're always late for work

1 Get Organised

If you're always late for work, the first step you should take to improve your punctuality is to get organised the night before. Put out your work clothes and organise your bag so that you aren't frantically searching for your wallet and keys in the morning. Also do your laundry regularly so that you have clean and dry clothes ready every day.

2 Double Alarm

Do you find that you often sleep through your alarm? It could be helpful to set two different alarms on your phone, or you can set the alarm to repeatedly sound. Also make sure that the sound is loud enough. If you tend to turn the alarm off and fall back to sleep, place it out of reach so that you have to get out of bed to switch it off.

3 Move Closer to Work

Is moving closer to your workplace feasible? This could help if you're constantly late because of traffic or because you hate getting up early. The extra cost of living closer to work will be counteracted by the reduced costs of commuting. You'll also have more time to get ready in the morning, and maybe even more time to sleep.

4 Change Commute

If you're constantly delayed because of traffic or public transport problems, then consider modifying your commute. It might actually be quicker to walk or cycle for part of your route. If you normally change trains you could waste quite a bit of time walking between platforms and waiting for a connection. The fewer changes involved in your route, the quicker it will be.

5 Sleep Quality

Get an early night when you've got work the next day; avoid having too many late nights out on a weeknight. Try to get good quality sleep as well; if you're tired and grouchy because you haven't had enough sleep you'll find it hard to get moving in the morning.

6 Hair

Do you usually wash your hair in the morning before work? Stick to just having a shower and you'll save loads of time if your hair takes ages to dry. Wash it the night before instead.

7 Change Hours

Finally, consider changing the hours you work. A later shift may suit you better if you're just not a morning person. It will also allow you to avoid commuting in the rush hour, which will save you a great deal of time.

It's important to get to work on time as it shows that you take your responsibilities seriously, and that you are an organised person. It's not worth risking your job or giving a poor impression of yourself because you can't get up on time or are always in a rush. Bosses notice unpunctuality, and you may inconvenience your co-workers if you're always late. Have you ever lost a job because of your lateness?

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