7 Truths of Supermarket Offers ...


Just what is the truth of supermarket offers? I don’t know how mad it is in the US, but there has been a price war raging among the UK top supermarkets for a decade now, and you can see ads for supermarket offers just about anywhere and everywhere. The thing is, despite all these ‘fantastic’ offers and savings that are splashed all over the television, Internet, newspapers and radio, our grocery bills just keep on rising and rising. So what’s going on? Are all these supermarket offers there to hide what’s really happening to the prices – that really there is a cent here and a penny there added every week. Let’s try and unearth the truth of supermarket offers, shall we?

1. ‘Yo-Yo’ Pricing

The basic truth of supermarket offers is that they aren’t always what they seem. ‘Yo-Yo’ pricing is a technique that retailers use to make you think you are getting a great deal, when in fact you aren’t. This is the practice where a supermarket offers a product at an inflated price for a short time, and then slashes it to make it seem like a great deal, when in-fact the ‘slashed’ price is actually the normal market price. Legally there is nothing to prevent retailers from this ‘Yo-Yo’ tactic. However, retailers are not allowed to sell something at a reduced price unless the original price has been advertised for a certain amount of time. But this does not stop them from advertising the ‘slashed price’ as soon as they are able to, or using the tactic in the first place.

The Hidden ‘Yo-Yo’ Tactic
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