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7 Ways Shopping on Amazon Can Help save You Money This Year ...

By Heather

Shopping on Amazon is a great way to save money on so many levels. I know many of you probably already partake in this, but if you don’t, I’d like to give you a few reasons why you might want to start. Shopping on Amazon has helped me save a good bit of money this last year in ways I didn’t even realize. It might sound contradictory that shopping can help you save, but hear me out. Give these reasons shopping on Amazon can help you save some consideration before you nix the idea altogether. Those deals at your local supermarket might not seem like such a bargain after you read these!

1 Gas Money

First and foremost, one of the best ways shopping on Amazon helps you save money is you never have to drive to the store. Never. It all comes directly to you! Not to mention, you can use that gas money you would have spent driving to two and three stores to get a good bargain, to either save, or spend on everyday essentials.

2 Lower Prices

Believe it or not, Amazon also has much lower prices than many online stores and retail stores. Since products on Amazon come from a variety of sellers, you get to see the lowest price available at all times, and choose the one that’s best for your budget.


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3 Bulk Household Goods

Here’s one of the top reasons I’ve saved shopping on Amazon this year- household goods. You no longer have to clip coupons to stock up on store deals and sales. Just shop on Amazon and get toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, soap, and other common household goods all in bulk for dirt cheap! I recently found name brand toilet paper for $14 for 25 rolls and I got free shipping. Now that’s a good deal!

4 Beauty Items

Do you ever notice how expensive beauty items are at the store? Especially the good brands. Well, on Amazon, they aren’t only cheaper, but also come in bulk so you can stock up on two, three, or more of the product and get a much lower price on each.

5 Free Shipping

Probably the number one thing I like most about using Amazon is their free shipping orders. Any order over $25 qualifies for free shipping, and if you sign up for Amazon Prime, you get free 2 day shipping on whatever you order that qualifies for Prime shipping (which most all items do). Prime membership is free for the first year, and after that you pay $75 a year, but you also get free movies, book rentals, and other perks from your Prime membership. If you order on a regular basis, the savings will cover the membership, and you can always opt out of the trial at anytime and just wait around 5 days for standard free shipping when ordering items.

6 Credit Perks

You don’t have to have an Amazon credit card, but signing up for one can help you save even further. First, the interest rates are competitive, and secondly, you get a free gift card when you enroll in an Amazon credit card, along with other perks when ordering from the website. If you know how to manage a credit card well, this can end up boosting your credit instead of hindering it. Just remember, always shop smart!

7 One Place Shopping

I used to go to three or four places to get the best deals, and even shop from three or four websites to find the best deal. Amazon eliminates that problem, since most of the time, you can find everything cheaper there, or at the same prices as other retailers. Amazon strives to compete with all other online retailers and their team works to provide prices that reflect this. You’ll rarely find something higher on Amazon unless another retailer is running a super special, or giving away free products through buy one get one promotions. The past year, I’ve found 90% of my everyday essentials cheaper or at the same prices of other retailers when shopping on Amazon. This saves you money, time, and stress, which in my opinion is so much easier than coupon clipping and store-hopping.

Do you shop on Amazon? If so, what do you usually buy, and has it helped you save money this year?

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