7 Ways to Avoid the Most Common Job Seeker Mistakes ...


Probably everyone is guilty of making at least one of the common job seeker mistakes. The job market can be a very tough place for young people, but even with a difficult job market, you should not blame others for your difficulties but start taking a look at the way you apply for jobs. Chances are you are either making some of the most common job seeker mistakes or not doing the best possible thing. Let’s look at the most common pitfalls – make sure you avoid them!

1. Sell Your Strengths

These days, there is absolutely no shame in selling yourself – job-hunting-wise that is! If you’re worried about coming across as big headed, then you should know that it is better to risk this than to risk not selling your strengths and talents enough. Not selling why you’re the best person for the position is one of the most common job seeker mistakes. Organizations are very used to highly self-promotional applications, and so you are putting yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t do everything you can stand out with your written application.

Focus on Your Resume
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