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Would you like to know some of the best ways to catch your boss’s attention? Of course you know that you can catch their attention by poor performance in the workplace, but that will get you nowhere fast. These are some ways to catch your boss’s attention in the right way. Doing these things can certainly help your career advance to the next level.

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Show Ambition

One of the best ways to catch your boss’s attention is to show ambition. No boss enjoys when their employees show a lack of ambition. It is very discouraging for a boss when they know their employees only want to do what they have to do in their job. When you display excitement and ambition to do more, your boss will take notice. Ambition is a big step on the ladder to success.


Do More than the Minimum

You cannot just go to work with the attitude that you are only going to do the bare minimum. If you do that, you can kiss any hope of advancement goodbye. Those who are promoted up the ladder are willing to go the extra mile. They want to do a good job. They want their performance to be pleasing to their boss instead of just sliding by.


Stay out of Office Gossip

Office gossip can be a temptation to take part in. It is understandable that you want to know what everyone is saying, but resist that temptation. Bosses know who participates in office gossip and are not impressed. You do not want your name associated with any sort of behavior like that.



Being a volunteer at your job is a great way to catch your boss’s attention. Yes, volunteering is an extra effort that you have to put out for no extra benefits at that moment. But it is an effort that can have big payoffs in the end. You may end up doing a bit more work for the same pay right now, but it will speak very well of you to your superiors and may open up opportunities to you in the future.


Bring Treats

Who doesn’t love office treats? This isn’t something you need to do on a daily basis. But once a month or so, pick up some donuts on your way in. You could also bring in something homemade, which is even better. Not only is this a nice gesture, but it shows you care enough about your job to do something extra for it on your own time.


Remember Their Birthday

It is always nice to remember your boss’s birthday. You don’t want to go over the top with this, but a card or a small gift isn’t out of place. It is a small gesture that will be appreciated. It is also a gesture that won’t be soon forgotten.


Caring about Them

It is good to care about your boss, but this is something you don’t want to fake. This is really simple; just care about them like you do your other coworkers. Just take a genuine interest in your boss’s feelings and the part of their life they want to share. What you are doing is being friendly without going overboard.

There are a lot of ways to catch your boss’s attention in a way that will be beneficial to your career. What have you done to accomplish this? Share your stories.

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I did 1 - 4 all the time, but my coworkers did not like that behaviour at all and started to bully me. My boss did not care.

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