8 Ways to Reuse Common Household Items and save Money ...


Knowing the best ways to reuse common household items is handy whether you are on a budget or not. Reusing items is not only thrifty, but it’s kind to the earth! This article will teach you 8 ways to reuse household items that you never thought of before. Take advantage of these tips, and you will see that you can save around $50 per month. Now that’s a nice thought! Keep on reading to learn how you can be frugal by reusing household items!

1. Ziploc Baggies

This is something I’ve been doing for years. I hated paying for a new box of baggies to only throw them away, so I started washing them out and letting them air dry. Now, I get three times as much use out of them! Don’t put them in the dishwasher though, as they may clog it up. And toss out a baggie that has had meat or dairy products in it.

Shoebox Organizers
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