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8 Ways to save 100 This Month ...

By Jordin

Money-saving business is a hot topic these days, so you might be interested to know a few ways to save $100 this month! Sometimes it can feel like money goes out faster than it comes in, so to stop spending so much and start saving a little more, read these tips below and try to apply them. It might be hard at first, but the money you save will be worth it. Here are my ways to save $100 this month and get on top of your finances!

1 Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is my biggest pitfall when it comes to spending money, but there are ways to save $100 in the grocery store each month. Avoid going every week, try to make biweekly trips. Make a list and stick to it! Swap grocery lists with a friend if it helps you stay on track. Use coupons to cut down your spending. And don’t go down the junk food aisle to avoid temptations!

2 Eating out

It’s very easy to spend $100+ per month eating out! Here’s a tip to help cut that figure down to size. Limit your trips to eating out per month. Cook at home instead! Learn how to make your favorite dishes from restaurants you visit often. When you do eat out, skip drinks, desserts, and appetizers. My husband and I can eat out for $20-$25 dollars if we order entrées only!


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3 Losing Weight

Why should you pay to lose weight? Quit your gym membership and start using other resources. One time payments for at-home workout videos or a piece of exercise equipment are a better investment than a monthly gym payment of $50+! If you have nice weather in your area, take advantage of the great outdoors and walk or jog in the evenings, and ride your bike to work!

4 Switching Companies

Have you ever taken a peek at your monthly bills? Some people set up automatic monthly deductions, and then never take a second glimpse. Keep an eye out to make sure you are never over-charged! And call around. Sometimes switching companies can save you wads of money. Try to find the best value for your personal needs.

5 Do-it-Yourself

Stop paying someone else to clean your house, mow your lawn, or even caulk your shower! Become a DIY-er and take care of things yourself! By learning how to change the oil in your car, clean out your gutters, and groom your dog, you can save money on all of these bills each month. It’s surprising to see where your money goes when you stop paying someone else for everything you need!

6 Childcare

Childcare can be a heavy expense, and it may not be entirely avoidable. But there may be ways to save around $100+ per month on childcare! Try to switch hours at your job. Getting a better shift might help you out with the hours you have to leave your child at daycare. Talk to family members. Find out if anyone is willing to help or charge you less than what you pay now. You could also find out if teenage or college girls are looking for a summer job. Nanny jobs are popular with young people over the summer!

7 Salon Expenses

I know, I’m a girly girl, and giving up my monthly salon trips didn’t sound appealing to me either. But once I started doing my own nails, I saved $50 a month! I won’t advise you to spend any less on getting your hair cut, but maybe you could stretch your visits out to longer than every month. Go low maintenance for color and highlights so it’s not as noticeable.

8 Frugal Living

Simple, small changes make the world of difference! Living frugally is your biggest way to save money. Try to be resourceful with your water. Don’t leave lights on in rooms you aren’t using. Have leftovers once a week. Stop smoking. Buy a water filter and stop buying bottled water. Try out generic or store brands instead of name brands. This is called frugal living, and it will save you $100 a month!

You might be surprised at how much cash you can save when you make a few adjustments to your everyday life. Money might be leaking away to places you never thought of or just didn’t realize. In what ways do you save money each month? Please share your own successes below and thanks for reading!

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